Welcome To I.B.S Inc.

At IBS, we strive to lead our industry in the design, consulting and implementation of the industry’s most advanced telecommunications infrastructure, and Information Systems and Technology.

We translate these advanced technology into value for customers through our professional solutions, outsourcing services and consulting solutions.

More about IBS

★ We value our position of trust with our clients. We strive to increase it in all


★ We value our people, their integrity, their skills and their professionalism they create our reputation and ensure the success of the company.

★ We strive to provide the highest quality products and services at competitive prices and we constantly seek “best value” solutions for our clients.

★PABX – Authorized AVAYA Partner

★ Structured Cabling

★ Fibre Optics


★ Security Systems

★ IT Support ★ Telecommunications Consulting ★ Fire Suppression Systems.

★ Wireless Networking (WIFI)

★ Point of Sale Systems

★ Government

★ Small and Medium Size Enterprises

★ Hospitality

★ Retail

★ Residential

★ Founded in 2005

★ Established to take advantage of a grow-ing CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and emerging technology market

★ Total team members currently stands at 27

★ Currently enjoys 20% market share in the CPE and Information Technology integration market.

★ Our Vision is to become a leader in the Technology integration market by increasing our market share to over 20% within five years.

Proven excellence

🌟 Sugar Beach

🌟 Sandals (all three properties)

🌟 Bay Gardens Resorts

🌟 Government of St. Lucia

🌟 Peter & Company (Goddard Group)

🌟 KM2 Solutions


🌟 Bay Gardens Resorts

🌟 TiKaye Village

🌟 Ladera Resorts

🌟 Pegusus Guyana

🌟 Mariott – Haiti

🌟 Goddard Group

🌟 St. Lucia Fire Service

🌟 Windjammer

🌟 Courts Warehouse

🌟 Sandals Warehouse

🌟SLASPA – GFL airport

🌟 Bay Gardens Resorts

 Bay Gardens Resorts

 Ladera Resorts

 TiKaye Village

 Goddard Group

 WLBL (Equipment rooms)

 Windjammer (Kitchen suppression)

 Bay Gardens Resorts

 Coco Palm

 Ladera Resorts

 Lucelec

 Government of St. Lucia

 Wasco

 Bay Gardens Beach Resort